Strategy. Web. Media. Publishing.

Every service offered by InterComm SA has a single focus – communication. We specialise in getting information from one person to another; efficiently, cost-effectively and with as little “lost in translation” as possible.

InterComm helps organisations talk to prospective customers about their company or products, or get feedback from prospects on an order, needs or problems. We build intranets that empower communication between management and employees, and extranets that share information between companies and their clients or suppliers. We design and develop for both electronic and print media.


Jumpstart your sales with creative advertising & marketing ideas! InterComm’s step-by-step brainstorming process builds an integrated marketing plan in hours while motivating your team.


Design and development of interactive “Web 2.0” applications for both employee and customer communication.


Design, writing and production of advertising material for magazines & newspapers.


Editing and layout of technical manuals, help files, brochures, in-house magazines, newsletters and books. We work with both printed documents and electronic “e-reader” formats such as interactive PDFs, Mobi and Kindle.)


Additional creative services include copywriting, editing, graphic design. photo retouching, e-book conversion and video editing. Our services support the design and implementation of websites, brochures, newsletters and online social networks.


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